Sander sides fanfiction virgil scared

Sure enough, he moves into the back of the room, where a pillow fort is set up, complete with soft blankets and stuffed animals. Patton, in an effort to cheer Virgil up, had suggested they make an impenetrable fortress, and Virgil seemed to appreciate the distraction. They had made it tall enough that they could fit a small chair and sit in it if they really wanted to. Virgil just seemed happy to sit in it and hug one of the stuffed animals, though.

He was sprawled across the pillows, snuggling the same stuffed animal, a little Eeyore, close to his face. Patton had to physically hold back a squeal as he picked up a stray blanket and covered Virgil with it. About an hour later, Virgil had woken up, but when Patton went to speak with him, all he got was monosyllabic answers in the softest voice Patton had ever heard Virgil use. More than a little lost, Patton had looked around until he spied a coloring book and some crayons, and passed them to Virgil, who seemed happy enough to take them and keep himself occupied.

The whole time Virgil was coloring, Patton tried to continue what he was reading before, but he kept sending glances over to the other aspect. Patton struggled to keep himself calm, and eventually Virgil had looked up, seemed to realize where he was, silently close the coloring book and put all the crayons back in their box, stashed them and the Eeyore in the blanket fort, mumbled a thanks to Patton, and left.

It could be a little secret, just between the two of them. If Virgil needed time to calm down somewhere besides his own room, Patton was willing to help. Logan heard the approaching footsteps long before the door to his room opened and Virgil slunk in.

Logan looked up at the aspect, and, finding his posture turned inward and his eyes downcast, concluded that he was in another state of regression.

Today seemed to be the latter, as Virgil shook his head and shrugged. Logan nodded and wracked his brain for something to do to keep Virgil occupied, but would also be a learning experience. Nothing to do with that at all. He moved the notebook and the few books currently occupying his desk away, and looked around, finding a beaker and a pipette. For that, Logan was glad.

sander sides age regression

Virgil eagerly nodded. Together, they mixed different amounts of salt into the different glasses of water, and added food coloring to each of them. Purple to the glass with the most salt, blue to the next, green to the one after that, then yellow, then red. Then from the blue glass to the beaker. Logan was pleased that Virgil liked his little experiment and sat on his bed, patting the mattress next to him for Virgil to join him.

Virgil nodded and Logan delved into his explanation, pleased to have the undivided attention of someone who wanted to learn. He always wanted to impart new knowledge. Roman turned off the CD, closing the door behind Virgil and turning to him.

Are you feeling all right? He always liked telling stories to someone who was willing to listen, he loved an audience, and Virgil in this state was the most attentive audience there was! He started telling a tale of dragons and princesses, and the gallant prince who went out to save all the princesses, princes, and royalty in general he could from the evil dragons, who had formed a pact to steal all of the royalty from the world. He gasped as Roman reached the climax of the story and it looked like all was lost, until the royal prince slayed the dragon and freed the last prince from his prison.

He rarely, if ever, requested a second story, and it was never immediately after the first. He loved to sing Mulan, and when Virgil was like this he generally sang too, though quietly. A Tumblr dedicated to Sanders Sides fanfiction, as seen and squealed over by a plural system. Posted by sanderssidesfanfiction. When Patton hears the soft footsteps approaching his room, all he does is offer a little smile into the book he was reading.Virgil refused to go on any adventures with Roman, no matter how much he liked playing the snarky villain.

He could avoid dragon witches all he wanted but the fact of the matter was that he could still randomly turn into a child and it terrifies him. So, when Virgil wakes up swimming in his hoodie he lets out the loudest scream he ever has. His entire body is shaking as he sobs, screams, and cries. Its scarier than he thought it would be.

He was so scared. The minute he saw his tiny emo son he ran forward and pulled him into his lap and unlaced his fingers from his hair. Suddenly Virgil found himself being held by a warm pair of arms and that shade of blue he associates with safety and home and the strong familiar scent that always made him feel as if he belonged surrounded him. He hands were slowly unlaced from his hair and another softer, more comforting hand is running through his hair.

It helps, he feels grounded. In for four, hold for seven, and out for eight. Your doing so good sweetheart. Good job. His sweet emo child is cuddling into him. Look how big that sweater looks on the tiny boy. Virgil squirms the minute he sees Logan. Virgil proceeds to burrow into his chest and make himself comfortable. They learn that Virgil has the most adult memories which helps him not panic less because he knows he can still help Thomas.

Every time they hug him, let him cuddle with them, or even just do something kind it sends a stabbing pain through his chest because they would never do this if he was grown. He desperately wanted it even if it meant having to take advantage of his smaller size. Patton refrained from squealing, but only barely, but look how adorable he was. So small and of course he could have all the cuddles he wanted. So, Patton picked him up and carried him to the couch holding him close.

He sat on the couch and he placed Virgil in his lap and held him close. Virgil happily snuggled closer even though it hurt knowing he would never get this again when he was grown. He guessed he would have to savor it while he could.

Was his little shadowling so deprived of love that he felt he needed to get it while he was little? What had they done to make him feel so alone? How could they possibly fix this? From that point on Patton made it a point to hold and snuggle and give Virgil as much affection as he possibly could. His chest hurt and he was overwhelmed what was happening was he going crazy?

Virgil is a surprisingly particular child. He likes grape juice in a purple sippy.My True Identity!

sander sides fanfiction virgil scared

A New Year of Lying to Myself In Song!! The MIND vs. Growing Up Making Some Changes! Butch Hartman! Fitting In Hogwarts Houses! Selfishness v. He represents Thomas's sense of right and wrong and his desire to be more caring.

He is also known as the heart for Thomas. His fellow Sides are LoganRomanand Virgil. Patton represents Thomas's moral side. Patton had brown hair and eyes like Thomas himself as the standard demands. Donning thick black glasses, he wore a sky blue polo shirt with what looks like the Welsh dragon on it and a grey cardigan tied loosely around his shoulders. Patton now wears a custom polo shirt with a heart wearing glasses still remaining sky blueand occasionally swaps out his grey cardigan with a cat onesie or hoodie.

His glasses stayed the same, and much like every other side, his hair was dyed purple when Thomas dyed his. It was originally worn with the grey cardigan over it, then occasionally worn instead of the grey cardigan. The cat onesie inspired Logan to give Patton the cat hoodie that is part of his current outfit. In Losing My MotivationPatton wore his grey cardigan usually worn over the shoulders as a jacket over his blue t-shirt.

He also wore and a black and grey checker scarf and a grey and white flat cap to play the part of Watson when Logan was playing Sherlock.

He wears a grey long-sleeved shirt and a scarf, the same one he wore for his Watson outfit. As a puppet, Patton was a paper bag. He wore a light-blue t-shirt, a grey cardigan over the shoulders, and glasses, similar to his regular form. However, he is dressed as the woof-man, or a dog. He wears a brown t-shirt, brown cardigan over the shoulders, floppy dog ears, and a light blue collar.

In addition to all this, Patton wears makeup on his nose and around his mouth to appear as a dog snout and his standard glasses. When Virgil takes the sides through all of the embarrassing phases, Patton ends up displaying the "emo phase" which gives him spiked wristbands and choker, a black t-shirt, a black cardigan replacing his usual grey, a red beanie, and dark eye makeup.

sander sides fanfiction virgil scared

As a lawyer in Selfishness v. SelflessnessPatton wears his classic blue polo shirt with a white tie. Over it, he wears a pale yellow vest and a grey blazer.

Sanders System: Patton’s Playtime I (Virgil, Hide-and-Seek)

Patton is an emotional character, but unlike Roman, it can be said he's the embodiment of Thomas' niceness and courtesy. Patton acts much like the average 60's sitcom father, using words like nifty and calling Thomas and the other sides kiddos. Patton is a very childlike character, often referencing children's cartoons i. Steven Universe, Winnie the Pooh, etc. Though he is the emotional Side, Patton finds it hard to be open about his negative feelings saying [he's] just your happy pappy Patton.

He is very orderly and laid back, and has a fatherly attitude towards people and animals, he is also a member of the furry clan who need care. However, he is usually very ditzy and clumsy or at least acts like that.

Learning New Things About Ourselves - Sanders Sides

He has a fear of spiders, calling them Creepy Crawly Death Dealersalthough he can get scared of anything relatively easy. Sometimes he can be over the top with his jokes, intervening on every occasion that can make a pun of such as when Virgil ducked out quackbut usually, he is polite and respects others.The trial is the last straw.

He lands on his bed with a thump that nearly knocks the breath from him, fat tears welling up in his human eye and dripping down his cheek. Keep reading. Daddy Pat and little Virgil, "tell daddy what you want".

sander sides fanfiction virgil scared

Thank you very much! I love your writing! Virgil was not having it, today. Roman had draped a blanket over him earlier yes, all the way over himbut that was as much interaction as Virgil had accepted. Patton had passed him a few times, asking him a question now and again, turning them simpler once he realized the headspace Virgil was in. He knew he should, Daddy said words were the only way to know things, but how was Virgil supposed to say anything when words felt like static?

It was too hard. Virgil groaned, frustrated at the world and at himself. He wrapped his blanket tighter around himself, his tummy grumbling with hunger.

When Virgil got in a mood, it was a challenge to get him to do anything at all. Patton was grateful to get Virgil out of his room. Peering around the corner into the living room, Patton cocked his head. Virgil nodded, wordless. Patton hummed and knelt in front of Virgil. Tell daddy what you want. Virgil looked up at the tone, eyes round. He stuck out his lower lip in a pout, but Patton waited patiently for a few moments, until Virgil found his voice.

Quietly, almost whispering, Virgil spoke. Patton, his best friend, is the only one that knows. Things change very quickly when Patton starts dating Logan, and Virgil slips hard. I had a fairly good idea of what would pop up, aaaand I was correct. And those are fine in their own right, but neither of them are regression. The problem with these two things being the only things you find when searching the term, actual age regression no where in sight, is that it paints a bad picture of regression and adds to the stigma.

You have to admit that there is a stigma around age regression. There are people that completely write off regression when it is brought up because they think of age play instead. The stigma surrounding this healthy coping mechanism is astounding and a bit disheartening. What does this have to do with fandom? Absolutely everything. However, if regressors have fic to look at, it lets them know this thing they do is OK.

People want to read about their favorite characters being like themselves, and this includes regression. What would it be like if regression communities were more present?And Roman and Logan had given up theirs rather easily. Although, Logan was a bit more reluctant. Especially around Christmas. You get double the gifts and I hate that. Virgil had immediately went red and ducked out of the room into his own. He had given the silent treatment to the other three for weeks.

Patton had been looking through the calendar he enjoyed looking at the pictures when he got to December. His B-Day. His D. The day he was born. Logan looked up, opened his mouth as if to say something then closed his mouth. He shook his head and sighed. Of course. Birth Day. It was December 19 and Patton was excitedly baking a black and purple tie dye cake with Roman. Logan suddenly popped up in the kitchen and sniffed the air. He crinkled his nose.

I got him a new Evanescence calendar as well as a new hoodie. Roman got Virgil a purple voodoo doll. Do you have anything for him? Virgil might find it interesting. Roman pointed the electric mixer at Virgil, wielding it like a sword and causing flecks of purple cake mix to fly everywhere. Virgil just stared around the room, at the complete chaos he had managed to make just by showing up. Virgil cracked a smile and fixed his bangs which had been slightly moved in the tiny chaos. Virgil rolled his eyes and dropped the smile.

He sighed and crossed his arms. Is it your birthday or not? Make my birthday such a big deal.Summary: Scared of his boyfriend finding out about his weird kinks and dark imagination, Remus tries to hide his numerous notebooks and sketchbooks from Logan. Unfortunately, Logan spies them and his curiosity gets the better of him.

Part three of a trilogy! Part 1 is hereand part 2 is here. Read those first! Warning: Numerous strange kinks mentioned, so I guess slightly not safe for sanders? Sympathetic Remus and Deceit, blood mention, assault mention. Remus groaned, pulling his pillow over his head, before reaching out and feeling around for his alarm.

Once he found it, he pressed the snooze button. He could sleep in a little longer. Remus went to protect, but Logan spoke first. You need to get up. He stood, stretching, his joints popping as he did so.

He then made his way over to his closet. He hurriedly got dressed, conscious of the short amount of time he had to get to the first class of the day. Logan watched him, smiling.

Only a Little Anxiety

To him, Remus always looked rugged and handsome with bedhead. And given as Remus barely tidied his hair in the morning, he almost always looked like that. Not to mention the view of Remus with his shirt off was a pleasant sight to see…. Had Logan done something wrong? Did the correlation mean anything, or was there no causation link at all and Logan was just being paranoid? He stretched, letting out a yawn, before picking up his laptop from his desk, and flopping back down onto the bed.

What was in those books? Why was Remus hiding them? Remus majored in creative writing and minored in art, so it was likely old drafts and works from his classes. And if Logan read those stories, he could make Remus feel better about them.

Time to be a supportive boyfriend! He saved his essay, closed his laptop and slid from bed again. He hesitated, still unsure. What if Remus broke up with him over this? Was it best he just left it, and went back to his essay? Which is why he cursed his curiosity as he instead opened the drawer and picked up the pile of books.Thomas was going to do it. He'd debated the subject for hours, both with his friends and with his Sides. And the conclusion had been unanimous; He should try anxiety medication.

Joan and Talyn were completely on board, citing how anxious he'd been lately. Logan also concurred, pulling statistics that proved how helpful it could be. Princey and Morality weren't sure at first. They didn't want to accidentally hurt Virgil. But when the Anxious trait himself agreed, albeit hesitantly, they respected his decision.

He was scared what the pills might do to him, but all of Logan's highly convoluted explanations showed that it would most likely just tone him down a little. And he wanted Thomas to be happy. So before he went to bed, Thomas popped a small white pill. The sides were all there, searching for any ill effects it may have on Virgil.

But no such terror befell them, so they all went to bed as well.

icecoldflames — Virgil’s Birthday (Sanders Sides)

It wasn't until the next morning that Virgil noticed anything off. Everything was fairly normal. He walked down to the kitchen in his pjs; a ratty old sweatshirt and purple and black flannel bottoms.

Patton had made hash browns, toast, and eggs, and the others were already there, digging in. But as Virgil took a bite, the flavor felt off. Slightly bitter. But he couldn't insult Patton's cooking. So he ate it all, though he felt a bit nauseous.

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